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valentino rossi

Valentino Rossi crashed in Free Practice this morning and will be out for 2 months.

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Mugello is currently leading the Moto GP. Hiya, you alright? Having a good day today? Really! How so? That's interesting. Bye!

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Rafael Nadal won The French Open held at Roland Garros in Paris, France for the 5th time in 3 clean sets.Rafael Nadal is back at being #1 in ATP raking.

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Rain arrived on race day morning at Jerez, resulting in the first wet MotoGP track session of the season.

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Italian sports car maker, noted for its success in Formula One auto racing.
July 29 - Ferrari confirmed that Michael Schumacher will race in place of injured Felipe Massa in next month's European Grand Prix in Valencia, Spain.
August 11 - Ferrari has confirmed that Michael Schumacher will not be racing due to a neck injury.

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Laurence Mews AKA Lorenzo from Australia.

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Lewis Hamilton came 2nd in the f1 race in shanghai

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#46 absent during motoGP Mugello Race because of the accident that he had during practice yesterday.

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Grand Prix moto GP en Estoril.

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Valentino Rossi has signed a two year deal with Ducati in MotoGP racing starting wit the 2011 season.

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