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Cine is a happy rock band on Brazil for kids. Those kids are expressing their love by saying they live for the band.

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The latin singer Anahi is going to Brazil and her fans are saying "ela est chegando" which means "she is arriving."

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check Safadeza Oculta.

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tiririca morreu

People tweeting the supposed death of Brazilian humorist Tiririca, famous for his song "Florentina de Jesus". He is currently running for a congressional seat in the upcoming tomorrow (03/10/2010) elections. It's a virus sent trough email that steal orkut data.

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Brazil loves Cine. The rest of the world doesn't care about those hipster Brazillian bands.

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cala boca capricho

shut up! we have ours rights! and we hate capricho! if you read one single page you'll understand! really!

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Danilo Valbusa, guitarist for the band Cine, turned 24 years old today.

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diego cunha silveira

The vocalist of another brazilian band, Cine. The fans are trying o get the members of the band up on the Worldwide TT's.

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Means Proud to be CINE in portuguese. CINE is a Brazilian emo "rock" band.

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Homossexuals are sending good vibrations to their favorite "band".

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