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Trending Topics related to wang jjang

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wang jjang

Kim Heechul, ROCKS. !!

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king wang

King Wang Zzang MV by Defconn feat. Super Junior Kim Heechul has released today.

Similar Topics: wang jjang, hee & jungmo, #sujulove, more topics...

ss3 taiwan

Just worrying about Taiwanese ELF and SJ visiting the country. Please pray for SJ, the fans & every innocent lives.

Similar Topics: #ss3malaysia, #ss3shanghai, #ss3manila, more topics...

hee & jungmo

Super Junior member, Kim Heechul tweeted pictures of him with Trax's Jung Mo. Fans are commenting on the pictures.

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rice brothers

Super Junior member Kim Heechul (@Heedictator) tweeted a picture of him with his fellow member Kim Ryeowook (@ryeong9) at 12PLUS photoshoot and claimed the two of them to be RICE BROTHERS! Trust me, even ELFs don't know what RICE BROTHERS means.

Similar Topics: kyuhyuns over flowers, #respectheenim, #ss3shanghai, more topics...


#RespectHeenim is trending because fans want others to respect Super Junior's Kim Heechul (Heenim is a nickname). Pretty long story so please read the article at the link if you want to know more.

Similar Topics: kry concert, #sjbestofbest, #bonamana, more topics...

yoonho & changmin

TVXQ made a comeback performance today @Inkigayo. Kim Heechul, a member of Super Junior, tweeted a picture with the captions "Yoonho & Changmin" along with a picture of them backstage. ELFs and Cassies are trending it and showing their support.

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skinny type

Super Junior's KIM HEE CHUL (@Heedictator) tweeted: "You like Muscular? or Skinny type?" That is why 'Skinny Type' is trending right now.

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steamed bun

Kim Hee Chul from the Korean band Super Junior just tweeted a picture of a steamed bun (Jjin bbang), which is also his Facebook's profile picture.

Similar Topics: heebum, many friend request, kim hee chul, more topics...

kim kibum

Kim Kibum is a member of Super Junior, a 13 member Korean Pop group. He made a twitter account recently. Fans are welcoming him.

Similar Topics: #welcomesjkibum, spacebigstar kim hee chul, #sujulove, more topics...

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