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wayne released

Lil wayne came out of jail today!

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zsa gabor

Zsa Zsa Gabor is hospitalized and will have part of a leg amputated.

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Oscar-nominated film, stage and TV actress Jill Clayburgh lost her 21-year battle with leukemia Friday at the age of 66. She was famous for her roles in such films as An Unmarried Woman and Starting Over.

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jennifer grey

Jennifer Grey is the actress from the movie "Dirty Dancing." She won the popular American television competition, Dancing with the Stars.

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He's a moron.

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Founding member of the band LFO, Rich Cronin, passed away Sept. 8 after a battle against Leukemia.

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tiny arrested

Tiny pigeons got arrasted for harassing innocent children en cats in Amsterdam today.

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eddie fisher

Eddie Fisher passed away.

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europe music

MTV Europe Music Awards live from Madrid Spain. Eva Longoria Parker is hosting the show.

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better run

MCHammer's message to Jay Z: 'can't touch this!.'

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