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Allstar Weekend fans show the guys their love & support...also, the best band on the GK tour (.

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Fans are wishing Cameron Quiseng, from the band Allstar Weeknd, a Happy Birthday. He is 21 today, April 5th.

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mark shami

Keyboardist for Action Item, Mark Shami is no longer a teenager. HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!

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zach porter

@ZachAllstar - lead singer of Allstar Weekend, most amazing man on earth.

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Our A-DUB family is so proud of our 4 boys from the small town of Poway in California who are living the dream

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cameron quiseng

Cameron Quiseng makes Charlie Sheen look like a loser.

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Two reasons. 1. because @saralavelle said so 2. it's some kind of song.

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Pop rock band, Allstar Weekend, is releasing a new single on iTunes tonight, entitled Come Down With Love, after the brand new music video premieres on Disney Channel.

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The Formula 1 racing is on BBC this afternoon.

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allstar weekend

Allstar Weekend is trending because they're cool like that!

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