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To show Mother Monster how much we love the album!

Similar Topics: bornthiswayvideo, #googlegoesgaga, gagavision, more topics...


Lady Gaga's Born This Way video.

Similar Topics: transmission gagavision, #leakitgaga, #edgeofglory, more topics...


Gaga will be doing an interview with Google.

Similar Topics: madisonsquaregaga, bornthisday, gagavision, more topics...


Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

Similar Topics: judasvideo, transmission gagavision, bornthisday, more topics...


Fans are seeing Lady Gaga at New York's Madison Square Garden.

Similar Topics: #leakitgaga, #edgeofglory, #internationalgagaday, more topics...


With only days away till Lady Gaga performs her new single 'Born This Way' at the 2011 Grammy's, her fans are curious to see what the cover of the next single is going to look like.

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Lady Gaga has revealed that her newest single, 'Born This Way' will be unveiled this Friday. (Feb. 11th).

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Lady Gaga to direct 'Judas' video with Laurieann Gibson.

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"Edge of Glory" is a newly revealed track from Lady Gagas upcoming album Born This Way, due for release in May.

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Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) is expected to reach 8 million Twitter followers today. (February 4th, 2011).

Similar Topics: gaga8million, gagasinglecover, bornthiswayfriday, more topics...

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