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Rihanna's fans want the world to know they love her.

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Rihanna fans are excited for her music video for her song California King Bed (that's why it is CKB) premiering today.

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CKB stands for California King Bed, Rihanna's fans want her to release this song as her next single.

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california king bed

Rihanna asked which songs her fans would like for her to perform on her LOUD tour. Many have suggested California King Bed.

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@Rihanna's "S&M" Video Premieres - Feb. 1st 2011 (Tuesday) so the #RihannaNavy are tweeting #SandMTuesday - RIHtweet.

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Man Down is a new Rihanna video.

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February 20th is the 23rd birthday of Barbadian R&B/Pop singer Rihanna.

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The video for Man Down, singer Rihanna's 5th single from her multi-platinum album Loud, is premiring tomorrow on BET's 106 & Park.

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because she may win an award and I might bend her over and go oh na na.

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Rihanna fans showing support for her new video 'Man Down' which is being slammed for violence.

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