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wesley sneijder

Midfielder for Holland football squad, recognized for his creativity and accurate free kicks.

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diego forlan

He just won the Fifa Golden Ball for players of the World Cup.

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carles puyol

Spanish football (soccer) player. Scored Spain's winning goal in the World Cup semifinal match against Germany on July 7.

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arjen robben

Most loved footballplayer in Thr Netherlands, a.k.a. "The man of glass". Gave away a nice performance in the last 15 min pin his blackberry 20F6BF7F.

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javier aguirre

Javier Aguirre is the former coach of the national football soccer team of Mexico. He just announced he will no longer be the coach of the team, 'I prefer people to say why did you leave instead of why are you still doing here? .'

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ivory coast

Ivory Coast will compete against Brazil for the 2010 FIFA World Cup tonight at 2:30 EST.

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carlos tevez

Player for the Argentina national soccer team that scored an offside goal.|| offside is the key word.

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nicolas anelka

The French footballer was sent home from the 2010 FIFA World Cup for arguing with and cursing his coach.

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England manager Fabio Capello is facing calls to resign after England's 4-1 defeat to Germany yesterday in the World Cup.

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Soccer team Werder Bremen is facing Sampdoria in the Champions League match.

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