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Footballer Heiko Westermann of Germany will miss the World Cup.

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Soccer team Werder Bremen is facing Sampdoria in the Champions League match.

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Socceroos player who got red card on his last game against ghana. Yeaaaaah kewell.

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obi mikel

Nigerian midfielder Obi Mikel has been ruled out of the World Cup due to a knee injury.

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They beat Bayern Munich tonight.

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The German football manager Ralf Rangnick is expected to take over from Roy Hodgson at Liverpool, after an announcement from the UK's most senior football expert Tor-Kristian Karlsen. It should be noted, however, that Karlsen was originally from Scandinavia. Roy hates Scandinavians.

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Brescia tied with Internazionale in Serie A.

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Lose from McGladbach 3 - 6 !!!

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Scudetto has been awarded by the Italian soccer team Inter Milan for the fifth consecutive season. Inter Milan won the 2010 title beating Siena 1-0 on the last day of the season.

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Portsmouth fc have beaten tottenham hotspur to reach the FA cup final

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