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westminster abbey

A couple of freeloaders are getting married there next year.

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buckingham palace

Two people arrested near Buckingham Palace are alleged to be student fees protesters.

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DIRGAHAYU KEMERDEKAAN REPUBLIK INDONESIA KE 65.--> ada ada aja.--> anjing lo.-> jaga mulut oi--> maaf ini tangan bukan mulut.-->tolol.

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Hugh Hefner (Age, 84), the founder of Playboy Enterprises, announced a Christmas engagement with his current girlfriend and former Playmate, Crystal Harris (Age, 24).

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Fashion house Dior suspends lead designer John Galliano after his Paris arrest over alleged assault and alleged anti-semitic remarks.

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Libya is host to protests against the regime and subject to violent supression by security forces loyal to Gaddaffi.

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william & kate

Prince William and Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton were married on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey. http://bit.ly/muSLji.

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The word "rescued" has been used in the context of WW news on Oct.13/2010 about Chile miners rescue operation when the 33 men trapped in a collapsed gold and copper mine in San Jose, northern Chile, emerged, one by one, from 69 days in the darkness.

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has been killed.

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FIFA is football's international governing body. People are mentioning Fifa in their tweets because today the FIFA 11 game will be released.

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