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Wijnaldum is a Dutch football player for the club Feijenoord. They lost against their rivals Ajax last weekend.

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Sunday afternoon Dutch football clubs Feyenoord and FC Groningen play against eachother.

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coen moulijn

Died Moulijn, Feyenoord's former glory at 73. The Dutch Football legend.

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mario been

Mario Been is the coach of the dutch footballclub Feyenoord and has just been fired after the players have voted for his position.

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FC Twente - Feyenoord (Dutch Eredivisie).

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Feyenoord Rotterdam plays their league match vs. Ajax Amsterdam.

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Ron Vlaar is a centre back for Feijenoord, the team playing Ajax today in the top Dutch football league.

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Hongarije is the Dutch word for Hungary.

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Oussama Assaidi is a striker for the Dutch team sc Heerenveen, who scored three times against FC Twente today.

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Dutch soccer club from Venlo played a match against feyenoord (rotterdam) and lost.

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