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The Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL are moving to Winnipeg. The real question is, will they become the Winnipeg Jets?.

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pat burns

Former NHL Coach, 3 Time Jack Adams Winner and Stanley Cup Champion Pat Burns has passed away due to cancer.

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There is a lot of speculation about Toronto Maple Leaf Thomas Kaberle.

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An airliner carrying a major league ice hockey team has crashed in Russia killing 36 people. Reports said the plane was a Yak-42, a mid-sized jet with a capacity of more than 100 passengers.

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Evgeni Nabokov, is a Russian-born Goaltender for the San Jose Sharks. Currently Nabokov & the Sharks are playing against the Colorado Avalanche in the NHL playoffs (Western Conference).

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toronto maple leafs home opener.

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wayne gretzky

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky turns 50 years old today.

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Atlanta Thrasher's goalie Ondrej Pavelec collapsed 2 minutes into the Washington-Atlanta hockey game.

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Jaroslav Halak, is a goalie for the Montreal Canadiens. Users are tweeting about him being traded to the st louis blues for ian Schultz and Lars eller.

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slave lake

The northern Alberta town of Slave Lake, population 7000, is under a mandatory evacuation as a pair of large wildfires has burned down 30% of the town.

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