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They beat Bayern Munich tonight.

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German Bundesliga is a football league.

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Soccer team Werder Bremen is facing Sampdoria in the Champions League match.

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Lose from McGladbach 3 - 6 !!!

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Schalke on trending topics after former real madrid move on to this club and will represented today.

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Bayern sind Spackos!

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Bayern Munchen football club won against Freiburg.

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Brescia tied with Internazionale in Serie A.

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Pauli is a part of the City Hamburg in Germany. Today was the Soccer Derby St. Pauli vs. Hamburger SV.

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German for "Nobel Peace Prize". The Friedensnobelpreis 2010 has been awarded to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.

Similar Topics: kanzleramt, loki schmidt, sicherungsverwahrung, more topics...

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