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worlds acoustic

My Worlds Acoustic is the newest album by Justin Bieber with only acoustic numbers Like "Baby," "One Time" and a new song called "Pray."

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samuel koch

wetten dass, der morgen wieder hpft.

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Justin Bieber Tweeted that he was going to see Will Farrell. So that makes his fans suddenly interested.

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JustBeats are a Justin Bieber version of Dr. Dre headphones.

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damn beliebers

Users are RTing "@LMAOTwitpics: Damn Beliebers http://twitpic.com/3rjwg1". Unfortunately, Bieber fans and foes don't know this is how the trend started.

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bieber fever

Beliebers should get a life.

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People are tweeting their favorite pranks. This topic was started by Justin Bieber.

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Samuel Koch was a candidate at the German Television-Show 'Wetten Dass...' ("Wanna Bet?") who had an accident during the performance of his bet. His state of health is currently uncertain. After the accident, the Live-Show was aborted.

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Today is Jaxon's birthday, Justin Bieber's adorable little brother and he is 2.

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Another Beiber related trend. If you're above the age of 12, just ignore it.

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