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"Ya No" is the new music video of Dulce Maria.

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The singer @DulceMaria announced the start date of their world tour. Beginning in may in Brazil ( 25-Fortaleza 26-Recife 27-Brasilia 28-Rio de Janeiro 29-Sao Paulo 30-Porto Alegre ).

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The fans rose this Hashtag because Dulce Maria (Ex rbd) came at last to a million followers.

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Mexican singer @DulceMaria is releasing her third video INGENUA it's gonna be amazing!

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Por que es tan dulce como er webo mio.

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The launch of the first single from Dulce Maria(@dmoficial), INEVITABLE, has generated high expectations throughout the world.

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Brazilians are saying "Welcome Dulce Maria". She is a mexican pop singer and is in the country to make concerts this week.

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La puta chupavergas cumple aos hoy.

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Si ya tiene poca audiencia con Dulce Maria ya cancelan el programa...

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Similar Topics: dulcemariaenot, dulcemariaingenuavideo, ingenuamusicvideo, more topics...

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