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MK ilina is playing Marseile in a Champions League Match tonight.

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Greek football team Panathinaikos is playing a Champions League match against Rubin Kazan tonight.

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Cuz they're not that good.

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Italian football club of the Serie A which is beating Inter Milan.

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There is an early UEFA Champions League match in Moscow, where Lille take on CSKA in a life-and-death situation for the Ligue 1 champions.

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Soccer - Champions League - {Ger} Werder Bremen (0) vs. {NLD} FC Twente (2).

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Catania is an Italian football team playing against AC Milan Saturday.

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Brescia tied with Internazionale in Serie A.

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Google's Andy Rubin was at the Dive into Mobile conference today and he demonstraded some upcomming android products.

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Twente are gonna finish last in UEFA grp..Totnham 3rd.

Similar Topics: werder, champions league, #tottwe, more topics...

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