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zuid afrika

Dutch for South Africa, the host nation for the incredible 2010 FIFA World Cup football tournament from June 11th till July 11th. Their football team beat France 2-1 but will not advance to the next round.

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siphiwe tshabalala

The first goal scorer in World Cup 2010, he is from South Africa.

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bye tricia

Tricia is a housemate in the Philippine version of Big Brother. She has not been well liked by viewers of the show. She was finally evicted and people are tweeting their goodbyes.

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efrain juarez

The mexican soccer player that got a yellow card, during the game against South Africa, World cup.

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Dutch for Germany. Trending because of the third place match between Germany and Uruguay at the World Cup on Saturday, July 10th.

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Dutch people are talking about what they did #inprimaryschool.

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Spanje is the dutch word for Spain. Spain is in major financial problems, coping with its national debt. Dutch are worried about the fact that Spain might get in the Greece situation, or even financially collapse.

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noord korea

Dutch name for North Korea.

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Contestant Kelvin miraculously survived a voting by the judges on Dutch musical talent TV show X Factor.

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